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     You are on the Nika's page.  This sexy teenager lives in the small town in Russia. She likes music, art, pets,

    reading. Also Nika is fond of fashion, she wants to become a supermodel. That pretty cute teen with dark hair

    and bright big eyes is the most polular girl in her school. She took part in competition among the most beautiful

    teenagers in her school. So she was first and get money as a prize. She spent that money for dancing lessons

    and new clothes. Nika likes dancing, especially twerking and dancehall as each sexy teenager. She is wishing to

    teach twerking on her own youtube channel. She never goes to the night parties and night clubs, she prefers

    spending free time on the nature or meeting with friends. She has a lot of friens, by the way all of them are girls.

    It may seems something strange, but she doesnt hate boys, she just prefer girls for communications. At the

    moment this sexy teenager has no boyfriend, her heart is open. By now her twerking videos are removed from

    the net, fortunately we were  managed todownload all of them and upload here. If she uploads new twerking

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