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 ------------------------------------------------------- Hot teenager dances in panties

  Gina is a blonde hot teenager, who lives with parents in the USA in a big city. They live in their own two story

  house with green  garden and small pool. She loves summer very much, particullary june, pets - she has dog

  and two white cats, loud music, that she usually turns on when her parents are going away, funny parties

  with friends, which are usually held in her house where they crazy dance in pajamas or panties and signing.

  Hot teenager Gina spends a lot of time with her cousin Alisa, they do many things together, such us, riding

  bikes, swimming, signing, nature walking and watching films. The boys find her a hot teenager and very

  beautiful girl, but she doesnt meet someone. Gina likes watching twerking videos on the youtube, besides

  that she often does it herself at home. In this video Gina and Alisa do twerking in little panties to the song

  "She got a donk". Gina is in pink panties with inscription "priceless". It is amazing when hot teenager shake

  their booty in panties. If you like this video, so go to the gallery and watch more! Just click on button below.

  Thank you for watching.